The Move

Selecting a removal company

It is worthwhile getting estimates from a few companies in order to compare services offered and to ensure that you are comparing like with like. Removal companies offer various service levels but the main difference is removals only versus a full packing and removal service.


While most removal companies have insurance cover this normally tends to be quite basic and will not cover high value items that are lost or damaged. It is worth checking up on this point and taking out your own insurance if necessary.

Moving yourself

If you need to hire a van make sure you go for the largest available as this will mean less journeys back and forth. Remember to hire removal boxes as this will allow you to pack items by room and label accordingly which makes unpacking much easier, boxes also help cut down on breakages. It is often possible to hire trolleys, boxes etc from van hire companies.



Transfer of accounts including Gas, Electricity, Phone, Cable and/or Satellite TV. On day of move take a note of meter readings at both your old and new address. If you are moving within the same area it may be possible to keep your existing telephone number.


An Post provide a forwarding service which will forward all post to your new address for 3 months free of charge, you can then renew this on a six monthly basis for a fee of £15 per six month period. Forms for this service are available from your local Post Office.

Change of Address notifications

It is often a good idea to send out change of address cards or emails. The following is a list of people and organisations that you should make aware of your new details:

Moving Day Tasks

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